Telcom Implement

Madhavi Telecom has been executing large scale Telecom Implementation projects in North India, implementing for most of the leading brand’s equipment such as Ericsson, Idea, Connect, Vodafone and others.
All these implementations includes New Networks, SWAP, Expansions and upgrading existing projects. Team Madhavi is professionally trained with proven field experience in all the existing Telecom Technologies such as, GSM, GPRS, WiFi, Fiber Optics etc.

Our TI services include:

1) Swapping / upgrading the existing BRS/BSC/ MSC with new versions.

2) Installation & de-installation and commissioning of GSM/CDMA/3G BTS equipment.

3) Acceptance Testing of BTS / MW Equipment.

4) Technical site survey.

5) Pre installation planning and site design.

6) Equipment installation and commissioning.

7) Our Telecom Implementation Management Process enables customers to receive information and status updates on the network in a transparent, accurate and efficient manner.

8) Our TI professionals are professionally trained for the equipment they handle and pass regular training and refresher courses that maintain their skills.

9) Our Safety & quality checks ensure the standard and safety of our work for the benefit of our clients.